Which magical device is better in terms of accuracy and fun?

Magic 8 Ball

I had a Magic 8 Ball and while I don’t know about its accuracy, it sure is a lot of fun!

Ouija board

The so-called “Magic” 8 Ball that can only offer one of twenty responses, Ouija boards are unlimited! Whatever the spirits can spell, they can communicate. I can’t attest to the accuracy but Ouija boards are scary fun!

Although originally marketed at children in 1971 the original Magic 8 Ball was invented in 1946 and was inspired by a spirit writing device owned by the inventor’s mother. Still popular today, over 1 million are sold each year. Standard Magic 8 Balls have twenty “answers” printed in raised lettering on a twenty sided die that floats in liquid. When the ball is turned over, the die floats to the top and the raised letters displace the liquid so that the messages can be read. It is up to the user to interpret what the answers mean in relation to their questions. Originally patented in 1891 the Ouija board was an immediate best seller. They remain popular with glow in the dark models being the latest thing. Explanations for how Ouija boards work vary, from the ideomotor effect to genuine paranormal activity. “Players” move a planchette, a pointed device on wheels to different letters on the board, spelling out answers. Recent studies using eye-tracking software have shown that when Ouija boards are used at least one player looks at the chosen letter before the planchette moves.

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