Where did the dance move “The Twist” get its name from?

Where did the dance move "The Twist" get its name from?

Ever done this dance move called “the Twist”? It was a highly popular dance craze in the 60s. Initially the dance was popular among teenagers but eventually it was adopted by adults too.

The name of the dance move can be attributed to the song of the same name by Hank Ballard, who included it as a B-Side to the 1959 single “Teardrops on Your Letter.” Ballard was inspired to write the song after seeing teenagers in Tampa, Florida do the dance move.

On the insistence of Dick Clark, Cameo Records, the label which released Ballard’s single, decided to re-record the song with Chubby Checker this time. The new song became a No.1 hit and “The Twist” spread like wildfire.

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