Who would you rather be treated by: Quincy, M.E or Marcus Welby, M.D.?


So you’d have to be on the wrong side of ill to get a visit from Dr. Quincy, but if the worse were to happen he’s the best man to have around if there’s foul play involved. And if your unfortunate demise resulted from some kind of social injustice you can be sure old Quince will put a stop to it before others suffer the same fate. OK, I’d have to be in a pretty poor state to require his services but he’s a great doctor, I choose him!

Marcus Welby.

Dr. Welby is sometimes unorthodox but he gets the job done. If you’re feeling under the weather then he’s the man you want around. But he’s not without his critics, The NY Times published an article calling him “a menace to women” for his old-fashioned (even for the 1970s!) attitudes. Yes, some of his views aren’t exactly PC but Welby always meant well, I choose him, his medical skills are undeniable.

Both Quincy, M.E. and Marcus Welby, M.D., were notable able for their handling of difficult social issues from drink driving laws and the dumping of toxic waste to obesity and Alzheimer’s. Quincy actor Jack Klugman even testified before Congress on some of the issues raised in the series. Such as the reluctance, due to the lack of financial incentives, for drug companies to produce medication for rare diseases.

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