Do you Remember The First Record You Ever Purchased?

We went to a record store last week and for old-time sake, we bought the Abbey Road and a cheap turntable. ($40 bucks!) What was your first record?

Of course

Not a chance

Vinyl records are making a comeback in recent years. 2020 marks the first year where the sales of vinyl records surpassed the sales of CDs. This is not just due to nostalgia, as millennials are the major drivers of this trend.

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. He also made the first recording in history. In the 1940s the records were commonly made of polyvinyl chloride, thus the name vinyl became associated with records, even if the record is made of other materials.

There is something inexplicably stylish about a vinyl record spinning on a turntable creating music. Maybe it’s the physical interaction that makes it more immersive.

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