When was fashion more stylish: early 1970s or late 1970s?

Early 1970s. Lace shirts and bell bottoms.

Wide lapel blazers and tight t-shirts for the ladies and bell bottom pants with lace ruffled shirts for the gentlemen. Who can match that for sheer style and panache? It’s got to be the early 1970s. I wish I was back there now!

Late 1970s. Three piece suits and tube tops with spandex shorts.

A powder blue or bright white three piece suit with flared pants. Jersey wrap dresses paired with platform shoes. Disco fever baby! I would do anything to go back to those days. The decade that style forgot? Forget about it!

The 1970s saw the introduction of many new and varied fashion styles. As well as the ones mentioned here, sportswear including tracksuits and jumpsuits were also all the rage. Due to increasing numbers of women entering the workplace, women’s business and office wear also heavily influenced fashion trends. In fact, fashion varied so widely in the 1970s that Vogue magazine declared there to be ‘no more rules in the fashion game now.’

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