Root beer or ginger beer?

Root beer

Ginger beer? That horrible stuff mothers made their kids drink whenever they wanted them to feel even more sick? No thanks buddy! I’ll stick to good old root beer. Why don’t you ask which is better, Barq’s or A&W? That’d be a real poll!

Ginger beer

Ginger beer or ginger ale? Ginger ale is the sugary sweet soft drink made from extract. I like the real deal, ginger beer made from actual ginger root. Whenever I feel under the weather I remember the ginger beer my dear old mom used to give us kids. We always felt better!

Root beer has a long heritage in American history. Based on drinks made by indigenous peoples of America, European settlers began making root beer style drinks in the 16th Century. The first commercially available root beers were sold in stores from the 1840s. The root beer market in America today is estimated to be worth around $728M. Ginger ale is the most popular drink in the states of Arkansas and New Mexico. Whereas root beer is most popular in Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina, and South Dekota.

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