Which was the better board game?


Monopoly for many families is an institution. 275 million boards have been sold over the last 80 years. More than $3 Trillion worth of Monopoly money has been printed so that people can play the game. You can’t argue with that kind of popularity! Monopoly is the best game. It is a simple fact of economics!

Game of Life

The original Game of Life is much older than the young pretender Monopoly! It’s been around since 1860 (with a modernizing upgrade in 1960). Whereas Monopoly only treats one aspect of life, the Game of Life covers everything from birth to death. That’s why it’s the better game!

Monopoly was derived from a similar game called The Landlord’s Game, invented by Lizzie Maggie. She originally wanted the game to promote the theories of economist Henry George. When Parker Brothers bought the game in 1935 they changed some of the rules to make it more capitalistic. The Game of Life was invented in 1860 but this version was significantly different to the updated version brought out in the 1960s. Although less popular than Monopoly in terms of sales, The Game of Life does not receive the same critical mauling as Monopoly which is seen today as the epitome of how not to design a game.

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