Who was the greater ballplayer?

Stan Musial

First of all, Stan was literally “The Man”. You don’t earn a nickname like that simply because it rhymes. He led the Cardinals to World Series victory three times and was named most valuable player on three occasions Feared by pitchers, Musial’s lifetime batting average was .331. Outstanding

Ted Williams

Considered by many to be simply the greatest hitter, period. Williams’ batting average was an outstanding .482. He consistently appears in the top 20s of total runs, home runs, walks and runs batted in. When considering these stats we have to take into account that he was out for five seasons due to military service commitments. Amazing.

Ted Williams had a tempestuous relationship with both his team, the Boston Red Sox, and his fans. He was even known to spit at them! Hardly the behavior of a great man. Stan Musial’s most famous fan has to be John F. Kennedy. In 1959, Kennedy arranged to meet Musial outside of a Milwaukee hotel in order to ask for his help on the Presidential campaign trail. Musial was almost 40 years old at the time and Kennedy is rumored to have said, “they say you’re too old to play ball and I’m too young to be President but maybe we’ll fool them.” If it’s true that you can judge a man by the company he keeps, Musial is in good stead.

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